Naturtonix Vital Wheat Gluten



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Certified OU kosher
Nut free



Vital Wheat Gluten is soy free, nut free and egg free and is suitable for vegan diets. It is made from 100% Non-GMO wheat with a minimum of 75% protein. This high protein content makes it an ideal meat substitute for vegetarians.

Vital Wheat Gluten is 100% pure gluten. The product is made from wheat flour, which is hydrated to activate the gluten. Everything but the gluten is removed and the Vital Wheat Gluten is then dried and ground back to a powder form.

The Naturtonix Vital Wheat Gluten is excellent for helping raw dough rise. It also helps create a soft, chewy texture in baked breads.

The Naturtonix Vital Wheat Gluten can be used to make seitan meat substitute and is also great for use as a binding agent.

This product is not suitable for anyone with a gluten intolerance.

The Naturtonix Vital Wheat Gluten is made in the USA and comes in a 4LB resealable bag. Seal and store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.

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4LB, 12oz